What's wrong with this song?

Hi, folks. Do you see anything wrong with this track? It got hard rejected and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

I have 37 approved tracks on AudioJungle, and I have only been rejected twice. First one was an experiment and I totally understood it, but for this one I just don’t get it. Maybe there is something wrong with it that I can’t see. What do you guys think?

Maybe those strings at 0:17? They sound artificial, i would try changing that. The rest of the track sounds great to me

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Maybe try a different drum rhythm, make the strings quieter or try a different library.

Thanks for your replies, folks. Still, I have uploaded songs with those exact samples and they have been approved. Different reviewers, I guess. I have been postponing the acquisition of Kontakt for a while now, but perhaps it is time.