what's wrong with these poster templates?

my posters is always rejected, what’s wrong with these? for me personally this is already good one… help me guys if something wrong with these, noone reply in my previous forum post ,i don’t understand envato reviewer taste

Don’t know. but personally they have lot of this I think … otherwise looks good to me.

thanks bro, so it’s about they already have many flyer designs and now the newcomer is harder to get approve? so sad :frowning:,

i guess they don’t like shadow, because when i saw the other designs, nobody using shadow in their body text.

First be familiar with designs previously uploaded to market, I didn’t told you that you’re designs are worst! It’s beautiful but try some changes and also try for other market places where you can add your rejected designs!

I think it is also very amazing. I am also very confused, what exactly the review team wants

thanks bro, yes i will change this one shortly, i think i already know what they want.

thanks man, yea i think we should follow their taste.

Don’t know what’s wrong in this! these designs are very nice. The review team has to give some short of info about the rejection they simply say “Your item has been rejected” this is not fair… if they don’t let us know what’s wrong in the item then how can we know what to do next. It’s very disgusting situation we all are facing.

Yes Sir, I agree with you

very very agree!