What's wrong with review/reviewer?

Is it normal that a theme is reviewed by more than 7 reviewers? and that they don’t really care to read what authors write to them, and completely ignore you? is it normal a reviewer gives you screenshots from the oldest version you submitted and you feel like he didn’t check the last one you submitted?

I’m really confused here.


The review process for the WP category is about 17 days,

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Envato Review Schedule

They seem to be using a caching forever :grin:
Always send bugs from the first version although they have been fixed.
I understand you

Lightatend, Finally someone understood what I’m talking about cheers mate.

We are on the 3rd Soft Reject and the comments are getting more and more ridiculous from the reviewers (also three different reviewers). Some of the comments are not only vague and confusing, but they are also using screenshots of the old version. Also we are an Elite Author, but on the last rejection they are telling us how to import a Theme Unit Test and just copy-paste a number of things to look for. The problem is this: http://imgur.com/a/6EK7b . Ok, is somone really going to create a blog post with a 150x150 image with such a caption using a Portfolio theme in 2017? We put hundred of hours in the theme to design, develop and polish new features and this problem will lead to at least two more days of the theme not selling. This absurd Theme Unit Test check has to be changed or removed.
And the best comment goes for: "Demo still loads very slowly, please improve performance - http://imgur.com/a/637nf ". This is a screenshot of the preloader which is rotating while the page is loading - no information on what is loading slowly, no web inspector, nothing that shows what is loading slowly and where is the problem.
P.S. The last comment is of course: "All theme text strings are to be translatable and properly escaped. https://gist.github.com/kailoon/01fa8e95d2e910e666c6 ". There isn’t even an example showing that something is not escaped in the theme.

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I totally agree with you, the more you get soft rejects, the more it becomes ridiculous, the reviewer is changed, the issues raised are changed. They start ignoring the remarques you write to them, repeat the same thing over and over again though it is fixed, throw at your face vague statement, for example I got a soft reject with 21 issues, most of them are silly, yet I fixed them all, the next time I got a statement “you have ignored few things about the previously raised issues.”, so I asked “can you please pinpoint some of these issues”, guess what, another reviewer responded after two days by fully copying and pasting what was stated in a soft reject prior to the one of 21 issues. Really, this is ridiculous.