what's wrong with my tracks? rejected (

what’s wrong with my tracks? rejected (As if he did everything right. Compilation - Fl studio, Mastering - Ozone 9. Help.

Nothing wrong with your ideas in my opinion. I think the reason tracks was rejected could be due to mixing issues. It seems like all instruments occupy and fight for the same same space in the frequency spectrum.

The Country track is nice, but I would probably high pass the banjo a little, add some slight reverb and delay, add a little compression on it to control it. Also push up the high end 6k - 18khz ish +2-3 db with an EQ. And lower the overall volume a little.

Hope it helps, dont take it the wrong way! I want to be honest, and I also want people to be that to me as well.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Possible reasons for rejection (in my personal opinion):

Choice of sounds

Listen to approved tracks on this marketplace (not just top sellers) and compare your tracks to these.

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Yeah the musical ideas are good, I don’t think it’s because of the melodies/chords, more the mix and balance. I wrote down some of the things I noticed with your mix, hopefully some of this helps:


  • not a lot of bass, sub bass region is almost completely empty

  • drum pattern is pretty repetitive and doesn’t evolve or change as the song progresses

  • kind of an unusual combination of sounds with the grooving rhythmic bass guitar and the slow sustained strings. If I were me I would choose either groovy or slow/ambient, not try to do both at the same time. That bassline is pretty nice and if you threw some funky rhythmic clavier or guitar in with it and improved the drums a bit, you could create quite a good “detective” groove. Sounds like you have a clavier in there already but the melody is just straight 8th notes and doesn’t really groove with the syncopated bassline like it could.


  • banjo is really loud compared to everything else, I think it needs to come down at least a few dB.

  • specifically, 2-3 kHz in the banjo is really harsh. I would use an EQ to cut out some of this frequency range.

  • drum sounds/samples could be improved. In general the drums sound like they were programmed with midi. For a style like bluegrass to work well, especially when you already have a pretty decent banjo groove, the drums have to match it in terms of quality and realism.

Hope some of this helps!

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