What's wrong with my track?

Hello everyone. I want to show the track before uploading. There were a lot of rejections of past tracks. Please help me so that I can upload a track to audiojungle without reject)

Poor choice of sound libraries especially the piano
No dynamics
No variation, too much repetition
No finale, ending not thought out
Mastering is set to maximum throughout - really hard to listen after a while
Arrangement does not tell a story.

Just my opinion, I am not a reviewer.

Ok, Thank you for opinion :slight_smile:

I find the frequencies a bit strange - like a lot of bass and high, with a missing middle. It gets harsh on the ears quickly.

Overall it’s a bit repetitive and needs some more small changes to keep interested.

But otherwise decent, with a nice style.

(I’d love any criticism of my work if you have 3 minutes: Hard rejection feedback please?)