What's wrong with my design?

It’s almost daily there are designs like this in these forums with the same issues

  • concept is massively overdone

  • it’s easy to find free items like this style online

  • take out all the elements you didn’t create/own and therefore cannot include and there’s nothing left but a few bits of text

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Then what’s wrong this? I’m pretty sure if this item was approved, it would get a lot of sales.

Same problem - some like this might still be through (given the thousands like it that get submitted) but it’s a bloated style and again take out the stock elements which you cannot include and all that’s left is a few lines of text.

With respect, even the four outer bits here like the date and musicians etc actually feels quite forced and added for the sake of it rather than being a natural element

where can i get the picture of the model you used?

Nothing creative! It’s the same boring style over and over again!

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You need some creative to create flyer (you can see only inspirations other design, NOT COPY)

you can search graphicriver, pinterest, behance, etc etc etc

How to improve our design quality?