whats wrong with my bank account?

Hi there,
I really need help. I have being trying to get a payout for the last 3 months using an account that worked perfectly in the past. Last used oct 2016 . Now the payment get rebound and funds gets back in my envato account. I haven’t change anything, this was my default account. Im NOT GETING ANY HELP FROM ENVATO, they just replyed “no worries if the data you provide is correct the payment will work” *…
The account is in spain, in euros, under my name and my sister’s. Please I need help.

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I think it must be only your name (the same name as on Envato). Maybe you can your answer here:


Today we’re announcing an update to how authors receive payments from Envato Market. Beginning February 28, 2018, we will require you to choose only one payout destination that must be owned by you.

Thank you so much to reply
ok, I have a desperate situation. I live in Argentina and my bank uses an intermediary bank. My bank in Argentina requires fields to be filled in a form , fields that are not available in envato’s payouts online form
Im not getting any help from envato of how to solve this, money gets lost and back to my envato account.
are you or anybody familiar with this?
thanks again

You can link your bank account or your visa credit card to PayPal, and withdraw the money from Envato to PayPal then you can withdraw the money from PayPal to your bank account :slight_smile: