What's wrong in your opinion?

Since to my ears this track is not… worse from other drums-only tracks I had approved, please give me your feedback, thanks!

It’s possible the reviewers felt this track sounded too plasticky and unnatural.

I can appreciate the eclectic mix between acoustic and electronic drum samples, but the combination does seem a little unconventional.

While it’s mixed well, the end result is a rather robotic, mashed-up sounding track. It almost sounds like a bunch of different pre-made loops blended together.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ll surely think about this aspect

In my opinion it sounds good and well mixed. Maybe the reviewer was asking for the purpose of this track. It appears to me more like a drum Stem from an existing track.
In my opinion, it’s not the mixing quality - it’s the unclear concept.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the idea of building a music track over this “drum stem”, I’ll try that and maybe it will get approved! To my ears it wasn’t different from other drums-only tracks by myself or by other authors, but I suspect I lack of objective view sometimes! And maybe it’s also a matter of coherency as suggested by AurusAudio… obviously it wasn’t live played by a pro proper percussionist so it lacks “realism”