What's wrong in this?

This is the first time I got hard rejected (I know why) but still wants to get feedback from all of you!

hi to be honest , pls do not take this personally but I would answer “all” … first of all, I have no idea of what the item is all about … this looks like being a mockup but , if so the major flaw is that the preview is absolutely devastating and really does not show what people are supposed to buy in the end … and , instead leaves them wandering what the product if all about … besides, the preview is a master piece when it comes to breaking all the existing rules of graphic design - graphic design principles - including contrast, spacing, alignment , everything … which implies a lot of problems as regard to readability, hierarchy, impact / exposure and in terms of aesthetic , as well. this is the very first issue , the other one is that as for I know copyrighted products, phones in particular seem not to be allowed here