Whats up with the refunds?

I under the stupid as **** flu thing because the coronavirus is the flu and that happens every year so it’s actually not that understandable but the 7 day wait? I got the ok to get the refund from the person on their page, filled it out, put the wrong email at first (i have 4 that i use for “important” things) and it hasnt even appeared as opened?

I’m not using a child word for that because it nothing but stupid to an extreme swear word level.


The refund requests are usually processed in 3-5 business days, so it should be processed soon, unless there is some technical issue with the email address you’ve filled in the request form.

One thing to check too is if you are logged in with the same email (account) as the one you used for purchasing.

Unfortunately we can’t help more here, in the forums with this, as we don’t have access to accounts or payments, but please contact Envato Market Help and Support and they will check if there is an issue with the refund request.