What's this nonsense? - Problem uploading

I’m trying to upload a track, getting this error -

Audio Preview is required
Audio Preview Error extracting ID3 data: incomplete “\x00” on UTF-16LE

Is there a bug on AJ at the moment? I haven’t done anything different to usual with the preview file.

Sounds like you maybe used some special characters in the ID3 tags of your preview MP3?

I didn’t experience something like this before. But the error message clearly refers to the ID3 tag…

Thanks for the help, I just turned off a couple of things in the id3 settings and now it’s worked fine.

Actually is it possible that they now require filling in the id3 info on preview mp3s? I’ve never done that before.

I always use the basic ID3 tag metadata, basically to give customers who download the preview MP3 the chance to find my file if they lose the track title etc. (since Envato still doesn’t rename the mp3 files…).

If you only use normal characters and the standard ID3 fields you shouldn’t run into any problems during the upload.

Yup that’s a good plan, I’ll add those details in the next upload. Not really sure what caused that error as the tags were all empty I think.