What's the reason of rejection? Guide me I'm new here/

Hello fellow

I'm new to Graphic River. My 2 logos were rejected and this is one of them. Can you help me understand why this logo has been rejected?

hi Shazee, indeed, i am sorry to say just this but u are really miles away from standards with what u have right now. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of things to fix, change, modify and improve. Let’s get into deeper details

1- global style
what u have to identify is that this is a marketplace here and that , for that matter, your item must at least in keeping with an audience and not only some very isolated tastes so that the product can be possibly work … pls see point 2. Besides, there are too many details here and one of the characteristics about it is that detailed logos are usually not looking good in small size since details are kind of flattened and crushed
2- low commercial potential
there is a really major problem here and that makes your item almost having no commercial potential at all … this is the fact that u are playing with letters and that u do with multiple initials … in other words, for a buyer to be interested they would have to have the very same initials “TS” which is a very complicated context to potentially sell fairly and reach the purchasing base … to a further extent, look, why would a reviewer let an item with low commercial potential in the first place make it for sale? i guess u have to identify that the very purpose of a reviewing system is to select and "get rid " of some products so that the catalogue does not expend really dramatically in less time than this is required to say it …
3- color combination
pls do not take what i am going to say personally , but honestly this is better to put glasses on before having a look at your item lol - little joke, ok no offense - as the colors are kind of very dazzling and sort of agressive apart from not necessarily matching well, too … i would recommend that u rather opt for more traditional choices, like complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same color so , they are safe choices and kind of free from potential color issues
4- typo
i assume a lot of guys here do not necessarily identify this naturally but here typo is a main focus, probably the thing that matters the most and a lot of efforts and attention bill b asked to designers no matter what is the category that they belong to and where they want to post. Expectations are high and the bottom line is that , at the moment, what u have is too flat, not really punchy enough and certainly too common and not harmonious enough with the illustration part indeed
5- execution and finition
one of the main problems here is the fact that the strokes between shapes are not big enough and they turn out to look insufficient in particular in a small size , which impact the logo negatively in terms of aesthetics and flattens the design again
6- imbrication
if the vertical version is sort of ok, the horizontal version is definitely not proper executed yet. I understand that this is coming from the illustration part that prevents u from doing so but in the end, no matter what is the reason , u have to arrange it and make sure that this is doing ok since this is a template and a template must be adaptable and properly arranged since u can adapt the content so that this is happening, so u are expected to …
7- alignment
indeed, u have aligned properly … strictly properly so to speak and this is where u are confronted with troubles. I guess u can understand that the kind of shape that u have generated is trouble making since this is implying having a part making u drift from the required alignment , as the handle of the cup goes out of the “block” and brings to face a situation that if u align all properly then there will be visual discrepancy in terms of alignment … i assume that the solution is that u align the mid of the cup and accept that the handle of the cup goes on the sideway
8- contrast
this is not something to take lightly … this is a basic design principle and thus a lethal error to mess with this point … not to mention that this basic design principle basically takes u into further trouble in a snowball effect … contrast problems will end up in hierarchy and readability issues at the very minimum and this is what u are facing here …
9- readability
as u may identify , if some text or elements are not onctradting enough form the background, apart from losing impact, they may be difficult to see, not have the right exposure and impact and in the case of text they tun hard to read and why having a text if this one almost cannot be read?
10 - hierarchy
in some screenshots u end up having a very small tagline being more visible than the name of the company because of the choices of colors that u made … no doubt that u can see that it hurts , esecpailly when it comes to branding … see point 11
11- branding
look , what a potential buyers want is to have their brand noticed, identified and possibly remembered as much as possible … and how could this be if the colors chosen do not allow the company name to pop out?
12- preview
honestly the preview file that u have here is not only a concentrated version of all exposed problems but is also not particularly good looking … the thing is that the preview file is sort of the interface between and your work in one side and on the other hand the reviewer in the first place and the potential buyer ultimately … so the preview file must be very good looking efficient and so on as much as possible …

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