Whats the procedure of seamless pattern submission?

Hello Creative People,
I want to know how to prepare a file for a seamless pattern.

Thanks in Advance

I would recommend providing a PNG of the tile, and if you are using Photoshop or Illustrator you can also provide it as a pattern file so users can easily just install the pattern and use it seamlessly within those programs.

thanks. can you please tell me preview image and main file should be same?

It can be, but I would recommend showing it in a way that won’t allow someone to simply download the preview image to obtain your pattern. A watermark will be automatically applied over the preview image, but in many cases it’s quite easy to remove.

hi indeed, a seamless file means that u have to have the symbol in all corners , centered in the middle in all corners … u can put anything the way u in between no matter how u organize as long as there is no contact with the edges …

thanks for knowing me. actually I want to know what should be file for the preview image and main file, is there any difference between the preview image and the main file? Do you have any sample to see me?

hi indeed, the main file should more likely be a illustrator-generated vector file so that there is pixilation but in any event this should be high resolution and the preview u can use a png of jpg file and this is to have lower resolution files … this is just for previews, not for printing …

The preview image is what everyone sees before buying your item, so it’s the main thing you use to show off your item and what it can do. The main file is what buyers will download after buying your item, so it should have everything they need to use your item.

The preview doesn’t have to just be an image of the pattern, you can also show some ways people can use the pattern, like this one for example.

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perfect summary