Whats the problem?

This item was recently rejected, but do not give me suggestions for improvement. Tips please thanks!!!

Just assumption.
maybe they did not like the use of different fonts. Strong “geometrical” with caps-lock, and very thin calygraphic. I think in the one style would be better.

Hi! The project is good, but such projects have a lot of, I think this is the main reason

OnTheTune, first of all thank you very much for helping me. You’re right, really I had not thought that that was a problem. For a moment if he would only leave the first typography. But I did not see repetitive, maybe it was my mistake. Actually I can hardly find the standard envato want, Thanks!!!

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Artem200800 truth is true, there are already a lot of competition, there was so much demand before and was a little easier to create something else has not already. I hope to improve and create unusual things in envato. Thank you!!!

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You are welcome!
Good luck with your future projects!

OnTheTune, thank you very much for your good wishes, blessing also to you friend.