What's the problem??? Item Rejected again.......!!! Help Required.

Hi forum users,
i need to find reason behind rejection of my html template.I can’t find out problem behind rejection and themeforest do not explain any thing just saying rejected. I need some brief answer. Actually i am so panic for being rejected my work again and again.
Here is the demo link: http://colorlib.net/waveapp


You have done a good job. But Rejection reason is quality standard.
You have make 1-2 section design is good other all of design are common and not at aesthetics.
Spacing and alignment is bad position, typography problem still in your item.


Thanks for you suggestion.

Can you tell me which section is good and which is bad + which typography isn’t okay???

Please explain…!!!

Beside the header and the wave section, everything is at a poor design level.

If you are going to steal other people’s work then the least you could do is take their name out of the code!


All you are doing is wasting both your own and the reviewers time. If you don’t have the skillset or respect to create your own items then this really is not a marketplace for you.


You can improve color combination and nav font size with more clear and bigger font

Please do not submit this item. your account can be suspended forever.
You copy item as @charlie4282 Said.

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