What's The Oldest Track You've Ever Sold Here?

Not the the first track you sold, but rather something from your personal archives that may have been sitting around for years, that you decided was worth uploading. Mine is from 2004, which I uploaded in 2017. To avoid suspicions or allegations of self-promotion, I won’t link it, but it’s called Ambient Lounge.

I’m curious - - - What’s your most ancient track that went on to sell, and what year is it from?


My oldest tracks are from 2006. Put them on AJ in 2013. Sold one of them for the first time this year.

Had a listen to yours, cool track!

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Titles (and/or links) if possible? Thanks!

That would have to be my first upload, Prelude in C, from 1722.

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Well my first 15 uploads or so are all from 2006. The ones I sold this year were Smooth Sparkles and Introspection, though contrary to what I said in my previous post, it looks like I had made a couple of sales already.

:laughing: Got ya beat there! I’ve got Vivaldi’s Spring from 1717! :grin:

Self-penned, here, my oldest sold track is ‘Children’s Story Time Music Logo’ Which I made for a book publisher video back in 2012.
AJ rejected some tunes I made back in the mid 00’s which have gone on to sell over on GreedyPissPuddle35. The oldest of which is called ‘Mountain Tranquility’ from 2004.

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