What's the final amount you get for each song on your Country?


Hello guys,

I thought this thread was useful, to have a global idea of the net money, taxes applied and all, for every song you sell in different countries. For example, in Spain I get for a 19$ song, 9.50$ earnings, and when taxes apply, it goes too much down to a final 5.24$. However I know a US friend gets more, about 6.50 - 7.00$ as total final amount taxes applied, for a 19$ song. We know taxes are different on each country, and this thread maybe gives us more global insight. Regards to the community and keep doing great music!


It seems like you’re having 28% withheld from all your sales, is that true? If so, do you know that by filling out a W8 form with a valid Tax ID number, you will have 0% withheld from non-US sales, and just 5% from US sales?


Thanks Osama, its appreciated the info. Very recently I got my very first 2 tracks approved and also started selling, but that detail, I still didn’t know. Yes, it’s that percentage. If you have a link to that form I’ll have it a look. :writing_hand:


Go to your profile settings >> Tax Information. Or if you wish, you could just follow this link.


That was great help, thanks for your time and adding things to my knowledge! I’ll give it a go.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
(I forgot to mention that the above link doesn’t work unless you’re logged into your AJ account)