What's the best program for writing JavaScript?


So I’ve started our Tuts+ Learning Challenge this month and I’ve decided to start learning some JavaScript. But I’d like to commit to a good program for writing it.

I’d love to hear your recommendations on what is the best program for writing JavaScript and why. Free or paid are fine.




SublimeText or MS Visual Studio Code are what I use


Awesome! Why do you like those in particular?


They’re very lightweight, super fast and provide a ton of customisation options depending on your environment. Nice autocompletions from both as well.

With Sublime, you can buy or evaluate for years… basically use it for free no questions asked. VSCode is also free.


@KingDog, definitely try out Brackets ( http://brackets.io/ ) I understand that you’re learning the holy trinity, meaning HTML, CSS and JS, therefore, something that offers a “Live Preview” as you write code should help you a lot.

I use it to write all my products. I can see changes happening live in my browser window as I type the code.

Can’t beat it! :smiley:


Pros of Brackets

  • Free
  • Gets tons of Updates
  • Has an extension market if you want to add extras
  • Not a resource hog
  • Simple and easy to understand Interface. Nothing complicated.
  • Mac and Windows Support! :smiley:

Cons of Brackets
I’ve been using it for the past 4 - 5 years. It’s simple, minimalist, fast. I can’t complain about it. Really has nothing missing in my humble opinion.


Oooo I like the idea of a live preview. That will probably also mean I should buy a huge second monitor? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The middle one is an iMac 5k, the exterior ones are 2x 24" 4k Displays. There’s no such thing as too many displays, haha!

But yes, productivity wise, I can’t work without at least a secondary screen. I keep either my Todo List / Calendar on the second one and browser on the third. Middle is for code and design.

I definitely recommend investing in a secondary display. Your working efficiency will change radically after doing so, and you’ll never wanna go back! :smiley:

And I also forgot to mention. It has split view functionality. Vertical or horizontal. So you can keep your HTML on the left side for example, and the CSS and JS on the right. Making your workflow much smoother than switching between files constantly.


Oh @KingDog, if you get brackets. When writing HTML, click on a class then CMD+E or CTRL+E it will automatically locate the CSS styles and show them in a dropdown right under the main code you clicked on. I can keep going for days! Haha! It’s a great tool for devs. Probably the best if you ask me.


You’re a wealth of useful information today :smile: Thanks for all the suggestions!


I’ll gladly share anything I know mate! Especially with you guys! And if you ever hit snags on your Holy Trinity Journey, let me know! :fist_right: :fist_left:


I’m Using also Sublime Text Really that’s awesome Editor.


I’m fond of the Jetbrains toolset. Webstorm for JS work.