Whats happening on themeforest??


Hi i submitted my HTML template it’s being a 13 days but still waiting for the review the team only review 3 items max per day However in for wordpress templates they review more than 8 items per day and that’s not fair.

what do you think guys??


Nothing to do buddy . same our psd time 18 days left still waiting queues.


It’s 18 days here and still no word from them, but can I ask you how did you know that they review 3 items max. for Site Templates while 8 items for WP?


guys just go out take a fresh air, and don’t think about it. there is no other way to keep yourself sane.


im checking the new items every day sometimes they just submit 1 item per day


Buddy my PSD completed 19 Days still no response


Hey folks,

We’re going to be giving some information as to where the review queues are at over the next few days.

Collis has started this off with a post here.


I have submitted HTML site template 14 days ago. Still waiting… :expressionless: