What's going on with review?

Hi all,
Really i don’t understand what’s going one with review.

Again another theme is rejected and many others from elite and very bad in design are aprouved.


Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Creatik - Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme​” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

No offense but this days envato is not fair.
I ask envato team to explain here how themes like andaman is approved for great quality and my theme is not at new standards?

Don’t understand how for some users are approved with the reason that was a close approve and for me, not. Why this high quality is not for all and is only for someone’s?

No offense but this is not fair.
You can compare this two themes and if that theme is on hight standards, then i apologize.

It’s not only you. I hear similar stories even from some Elite members. It’s like everyone is equal here but some are more equal

Create a ticket and ask a reason. Probably they won’t provide a specific reason but you should do it anyway

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Hi,i sent ticket.
Last time answer was something like, they don’t need to explain to me why theme x or y is aprouved and they don’t have time to check and say what’s wrong in theme rejected. Also theme x is aprouved by luck and was a on limit to be rejected. I said, i want the same treatment.

Something like this is other words.

I want only good theme on Envato, is not a problem when theme is rejected, but this need to be for all. Is super elite makes a uggly theme, need to be rejected. Rules are rules and need to be for all.

This is the problem.
You know how much you work for a theme and lose time… If user x make bad theme 5 in one month and all are aprouved is ok for him. No lose.

But when you work 2 weeks for a theme and is better then those 5 and yours is rejected, not ok.

Again, Envato opinion, and you as user, you cant’t do something…

There needs to be a place here, I’d say restricted for authors only, where you can make different comparisons between approved and rejected themes, where you are allowed to ask why a design like yours is rejected but other approved. From what I see, the reviewers are like Gods here, you can’t question their decisions, you can’t talk about them, you can’t do anything once they decide something.

It’s a lack of respect from Envato for somenone’s work to just shut them down like this. If in your rejection you say “We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item.”, then prove it, if you really appreciate an effort and time (which can be a few solid weeks), then I’m sure you can spare a couple of minutes to explain why you would approve some questionable designs from authors with a higher level and reject lower level authors without a second thought.

Hi @payothemes

Test your demo in a screen of at least 1900px and you’ll see a lot of issues.

Your biggest issue is inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the all design.
To be honest, yes, is for hard rejected at the moment. For your information, I did received also a hard rejected too, for a movie theme, my first hard rejected in 7 years, three months ago. It happens :slight_smile:

Screenshots provided are simply examples, most of the sections have inconsistent spacing/padding.
Try to fix the issues and upload it again or move on (as I did). Good luck :slight_smile:


Sorry but msg was quality standard required

this is not rejected because of responsive or something else.
Yes, those all will be fixed in new update (98% of them are fixed).
If was soft rejected, al of those will be fixed. But if you read msg from review is not for those image sent by you.

Thanks for you time.

To simple header, logo align issue, bad choice of color, possibly, font issue.
Is not only spacing/padding issue, all of them result in hard reject “quality standard required” :slight_smile:
The reviewer don’t have time, to provided you 10 screenshots in order to fix all of the issues, those issues need to be fixed before you submit a theme, simple as that.
My pleasure :slight_smile:

If you check newest 20 themes, you will see that are not perfect.
the problem is that the rules are not the same for all, are not the same standards for all.

Header to simple… Well check latest themes and you will se that many have the same header transparent.
This is my opinion, not fair hard reject of this theme (don’t have time, well he is paid to have time and to be impartially with everyone)

I don’t agree that is typo issue or colors, really … (in my opinion).

I think the reason is simple: he did not want to approve it.

Yes, check the latest 2 blog themes, both themes does not meet the “quality standard” in terms of the design, with all due respect for both authors ( in my opinion ). But is not what is simple and what is complex, you do want to have your theme approved ?! So don’t compare your theme with the ones that have been approved, because you’ll lose time.

Yes, some authors are “friends of reviewers” some of them “have priority”, this is not something new, move on. The moment you complain you’ll have more issues, believe me, I’ve done it in the past =))


You have 100% right,
They said always to check new themes for quality and i always check new themes but i also ask many users before submit.
Now, for design, quality, i have over 200 who say that is a good theme for Themeforest (i made my homework:)) ) But this is it

Cheers and thanks again.

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