What's going on with Envato?

At the end of last month, I ran into a problem: neither Automatic Updates nor Trusted Updates work.

I contacted Support, they carried out an update in manual mode: they replaced the files, but in the product card, on the side, the date of the last update did not change

I also ran into the following: when I download my product from my account, everything is fine - I see updated files, but a couple of days ago buyers started to write that when they download they get the previous version, i.e. there was no update for them.

  1. Can anyone who has come across a similar one explain what is happening in general?

  2. Why is Envato, I will repeat it not for the first time, so piggy-backed about the authors?

This is a very rare problem that I have experienced only once. Especially in the panmdemi process, such problems are also experienced by other writers.

Everything is fine at Envato, we just have a hard time.

As far as I know, this all happens automatically without the participation of people. Or am I wrong?

No, it’s not fully automatic.

At the moment, I have an update from July 30 in my history. and I have not received any letters of dissent or approval. The technical support says that they have had some changes and there is a mistake that they still have not fixed. So I’m wondering if such a nuisance could happen only to me, or does someone else have the same problem?