What's going on Envato?

There a lot of team members I really respect and admire. That has no relation to whether I agree with their decisions. And each individual team member doesn’t automatically agree with every decision made.

Granted I may not understand the ins and out of what’s going on but as far as our businesses are concerned it makes no difference.

One thing I do have a problem with though is the lack of communication.

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Just to put things in perspective, in WordPress Themes, just yesterday, a blog with an id of series 165x was recently approved. That would mean it was accepted in about 10 days when others are waiting 70 days. @svgstephen please recheck - whatever fix you guys added, it has regressed.

It wasn’t a bug, it was a choice. They admitted the difference was too extreme and they were going to roll it back but they never said they were going to remove the new author priority.

But why should a new author have priority over well established ones?

How much time is considered to be the author of the new?

They said something about diversity.[quote=“svgstephen, post:306, topic:50491”]
It’s important to be really honest about this, there are a whole range of different factors is play because items and authors are hugely different, and require different kinds of review. We prioritise based on value. We give priority to authors who have particular histories, Elite authors, and yes, sometimes to new authors. We also de-prioritise authors that have re-submitting the same item multiple times. This stems from a desire to improve the diversity of the marketplace and ensure our reviewers time is best spent.

Unfortunately, given the length of the queue, the change led to a disproportionate amount of new authors being moved the the front of the line, which shouldn’t have happened.

First item

That’s unbelievable…

Extended it to power elite?

State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

Perhaps I’m a little late to this party, but being new to Audio Jungle, I thought I should just jump in head first! I too am in support of any action taken against copyright infringement or just plain plagiarism.

I uploaded my first 2 compositions to Audio Jungle over the weekend. A very exciting moment for me, after hesitating about whether to join or not. I am dismayed to find that the current queue time is 30 DAYS!! That’s crazy.

Is this long review time a direct cause of lots of new composers joining and lots of copyright infringement happening?

I can understand the reasoning behind giving priority to power elites.
But giving priority to new authors is just unfair.
The justification that it brings more variety is based on what?
A lot of new authors are unfamiliar with the quality standards practised here, as we can see on the item feedback section of these forums.
So Envato is giving priority to lot of mediocre items, no wonder the waiting for a review keeps increasing.

Sure I agree, but same day? That is HTML though but still. But at least it makes sense, new authors? That makes no sense to me at all.

Surely, giving priority to power elites is less fair than giving priority to new authors? this scenario would breed a culture of elitism - "only the best get published right away - making the successful more successful. Variety and diversity reduces in this scenario.

Prioritizing new authors levels the playing field and brings in some fresh ideas - but, there should be a strong screening process in place to ensure that new authors are compliant with quality standards.

But, the fairest option would be giving priority on a first come, first served basis. Why differentiate by member status? that just serves to frustrate and alienate people, which is kind of what this thread it all about.


If I were Envato, I may prioritize newbie as I opened a company, profit is always first! and yes, I can get 50% cut of selling items with new author so why’s not?
After loyally working with Envato for years, seems like Elite authors are increasing and I can see them everywhere (Elite is not so prestigious as its name) (as you can see that even a very low income people can use an iPhone right now even though it was once considered as one of the most luxury devices). The whole market trend doesn’t grow as expected and profit is less and less then I would so something.
I think profit is one of the factors they consider in their review process tho.
Just my 2c.

Could we get clarification on AJ queue status though: it’s still over 30 days and it has been many days since you aknowledged that the queue priorization is not working as designed. Why isn’t this affecting the actual queue? Shouldn’t you this very moment remove the new artists tunes from the front of the queue and return to the normal system which was something like 10 days for existing artists?

Seems like none of the discussion has had any effect at all. System is still as broken as ever.


It took about a month for my latest track to get approved.

Envato are running a business to make money so I guess they will choose the best way to build that, although they do need to look after their clients… all of us!

Hi guys!!)) Here I show you best example excessive use construction kits. I guess, this example - stolen and dirty music on AJ!

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CRAZYYYYYYY :open_mouth:

Hi @AliveSound is it not the owner of the librabry that sells?
Or if not: can everyone download the free loops and resell as their own? Think not, but just a dumb question…

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@AASMusicWorks There isn’t free construction kits https://www.producerloops.com/Download-Producer-Loops-Commercial-EDM-Vocals-Vol-3.html