What's going on, anyone know?!!!

Hello friends.
Once again I do not quite understand the selection conditions for AJ.
This track approved:
Link Removed*
Here is my track (Rejected): https://soundcloud.com/use_my_music/brain-fatality-dont-feel-down-original-mix?in=use_my_music/sets/edm_demo
Category -> Electronica -> Dance
What’s going on, anyone know?

What reason they wrote in the letter?

It may be problems in terms of vocal?

Yeah, that’s probably it, Envato has some pretty strict requirements when it comes to non-native English speaking singers and lyrics. I’ve seen them reject some pretty cool tracks on those grounds.

Possible. However I sent and instrumental version without vocals

"Our Review team also provided these comments:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately."

But [that] how?

I’ve removed the links. Please don’t link to other people’s items in the forums. Thanks!

I think you are right. Probably need to do an instrumental arrangement without vocal.

Ok, sorry…

No worries.

Sorry, i agree about rejection. First of all, i LOVE idea of this track, but it need more “polishing”, Too much distorion applied to vocal, selection of sounds is also far from perfection, as well as vocal in some parts sounds too amateurish - at 2:30 you can clearly hear how it is out of tune. You need to correct this. By the way, usability of such music for royalty free market is also under doubt.

Well, thank you. I can remove the distortion. I can’t really understand where the vocals are pitchy-problem. You can tell the time and the phrase, I will fix it. By the way what do you think if instead of vocals I put the saxophone or the flute? Replace the lead vocal on instrument.

I don’t think the vocal melody and production is up to AJ standards, tha’s probably why. Vocals sound a bit too raw, and sometimes a bit pitchy. I think it would be hard to sell this track with the vocals.

Sorry, this is your job to do it, not mine. And please, check what is selling best here. Not sure this type of track as usable here as you think. What is praised on EDM scene not valuable for creative projects here. You need to adjust your skills to royalty free market. If you really have enough patience and endurance, you will succeed.

OK, I will try. Just very strange that was my other job approved, sounds much more aggressive and contains more electronic elements. In any case, thanks for the response!