What's envato strategy for GR?

Hi folks. Do you want to do what you like and make money with it - I want! I want do really good design and get appropriate remuneration. But what’s envato strategy for GR development? Disclaimer: I’m GR author and talking exclusively about GR. Processing a lot of info lately I more often come across the idea that the future market is in premium quality products. Unfortunately I can’t see this tendency is being followed here, unfortunately ;( I’d like to see this community be a dribbble-like - competitive, hard to enter, even with limitations for uploads maybe, I want its every single item to be a candy for the eye. Yeah, yeah, I know the main player for envato is theme forest, but still all marketplaces working for the overall image. I want this image to be “We are the best webmarket”.
I suggest to reconsider review-approval procedures and philosophy in general. Would love to see envato team ideas on the thread. Thank you very much for those who’ve read till the end :wink:

hi, u are right buddy, i think that envato in a general way is really cherishing TF (probably way too much by the way and we may fail to understand why all are not on an equal footing) and are sometimes not thinking enough of other marketplaces (i might even dare say that sometimes they are a bit neglected) and the people who are making those places what they are. I tend to believe that they are forgetting about the huge money that all marketplaces make them earn (in particular GR by the way), how these other marketplaces have made them famous / popular and how they are also where they are thanks to either those marketplaces and the guys who create for these marketplaces. Besides, that was also sad a while ago to have a marketplace closing.

Now , as for what u mentioned, i personally do not completely agree , u said that the way was to have only high quality items but let’s face it , they raised the standards on many occasions and what happened in the end? well, the same too flat or really poor items that they were accepting are still going through when some better ones are getting more and more rejected , which makes no real sense in a way … . INdeed, let’s talk the talk, it makes some guys feel the whole thing as unfair. We can also mention that the standards are very varying from one product to the other which is also quite a matter for anyone to discuss … in some categories, this is really easily to go through with something quite flat … (originality and quality wise) like this is sometimes with corporate items for instance. Finally, what u have to keep in mind is that the bad items which are going through despite being too flat or not good quality enough very often still are bought by buyers. Let’s be honest, when it comes buyers, a good deal of them do not always know what is a good work and why, and thus they are likely to buy the concerned items in the end … . That’s sad to say but some guys come here to buy poor quality items , period, which is not likely to be much compatible with your idea indeed …

I also do not completely agree when u are using “competitive” as we authors have tried to have really friendly and non competitive relationships for the the very great majority of us … u can still find some exceptions but they are not numerous

there’s much to say as regard to the strategy indeed , and the fact that many things which have been brought to the table as of late are far from being a boon for authors in a general way , between the tons of paperworks to do , the “relocation to america” and the desire to develop a market which is already providing about 70 % of sales when way bigger ones are waiting and provide almost no sale this far; the self pricing and all the inequities that it implies and so on and so forth … .
However do not expect too much to have any feedback from any envato team member and if they ever do , that will be to show a very corporate attitude and back any single decision made in all marketplaces no matter how bad the impact is for authors. Besides, as one envato team member once told me they are not here to discuss the strategy with us , which basically means that strategy is imposed on authors, period, whether they like it or not. It seemed to me in the first place that both envato and the whole of us were supposed to have sort of a partnership but in facts, this is sometimes a really different story. Plus , if u have a look at what’s going on , there are more and more comments being taken out from here when they express sort of a criticism of some things that authors are not fond of … if people really wanted our voices to be heard and to have an exchange , they would probably consider th fact that all of us are the same, if we ever criticize something that’s not a pleasure indeed … it is just that authors are suffering from something and are expecting for expressing it and for people to consider doing something so that the place becomes a way better place again

one last thing , the quality of items is often being disparaged here but that’s pretty good, especially as regard to the huge variety of authors , experiences, levels and so on that u can find here not to mention that this variety is probably one of the reasons that this place is this popular indeed and N°1 and not behind the main rival for instance … but there are pros and cons for everything and the number is becoming a problem in a way as there looooooooots of authors, items and so on …