What you think

Hi every one, after 90day in review process with soft-reject and resubmit at the end they hard-reject my new theme and hard-disabled my previous theme by similarity. :smirk:

they really don care about us. they think Just think of themselves.
I work hard for this and wait around 90-80 day about review. I am know there is similarity in layout but really have different design and unique.

how do you think about this, are you agree with theme.

new: http://themes.persitheme.com/godofblue/
previus: http://themes.persitheme.com/smallblue/

Really sorry to hear that… Is verry awesome dude …

I just finish my project 1month a go, and today hard rejected :frowning:

Good luck, If you want to chat with me, maybe we can find something great, please contact me.

hmm, I think you should make more different detail and choose another font