What you think of this 80's Party Flyer?

Worked very hard to make almost all elements in 3D so hope it will be approved.


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nice flyer :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, hope it gonna make it.

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I don’t know what 3d software you use but the 3d scene can be improved allot. You need to work on light setup, some 3d models are to simple, main character is low poly. Also typography doesn’t work and it is not 80’s style.

Check this to see how typography and overall mood should be


True, the main title is crap, I will use a better style.
For the light set up. i used rim, fill and key light but there is something wrong with the light i guess.
I will improve the artwork. and overal look.

Also be careful with Pacman. Can be a copyright issue.

hi I globally like it indeed, though, I tend to agree with @DesignSomething as regard to what the global “style” could be. Giving the item a bit of a new age or cyber punk influencewould probably take the item to the next level out of making it more trendy, while keeping a retro touch in the meantime. here are the things that I would suggest otherwise. Make the upper part of the jukebox transparent so that there is more relief and this looks more realistic. Put some shadows under the character (all types of shadows: global , contextual and so on). Burn the side way of the radio on the left side. Change the central font , the one u used for 80’s. I would suggest retro stereo wide font or Retro Mono wide. increase music party a bit and it give a little more relief, like a inner shadow or something like this, something smooth but noticeable indeed/ Extend the ground zone under the main composition rather than having it starting on the striped background and try to reinforce the balance of both mid section on the left and on the right, the abstract zigzag shapes being too much on the right while there is close to none on the left. Finally try to make the background behind therein composition very slightly lighter so that some details are a bit visible all the same. Good news is that u have a cool base to work with :slight_smile:

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ok i will make the changes thnx