What You Think About This Theme?

I wonder what you think about this theme?
is the design good or bad?
I will be happy for your any kind of feedback!

Theme Demo

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The home images hover out effect hurting my eyes :frowning:

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Now i removed the hover effect and borders.

can you tell me about design, how is it?

Your design is good :slight_smile: I like it.

I Like it too :slight_smile:

Nice design, love that simplicity. Maybe you could have a look at font used in menu, I would change it.


which browser causing this?

I have tested in firefox, chrome, opera, safari and IE10 and its fine in all these browser.


I am happy for your comments.

Windows 10 64bit - Firefox 45.0 - screen res : 1920x1080

Edge :

Chrome :

IE 11 :

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I found it, its not caused by browser compatibility.
its the screen resolution causing.
above 1600 screen resolution on scroll down the stick menu is causing.
you are testing in 1920 screen resolution i guess. if you check it in 1600 resolution it will be fine.

Soon, i will fix that.

I am pleased you point it!

and i will be very happy if you tell me about the design.

And “About” and “Posts” Links are not working

Ya, lol
i have not pointed any links i am managing the demo, they are Wordpress menu custom empty links.

and also there is more errors on nav in more grid points http://design.google.com/resizer/#device=window&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.moonthemes.com%2Fphototheme%2F&width=1280

Its the same screen resolution problem with stick menu on scroll down.

I will fix them.

I am happy, for pointing those.

Cheers - All the best :slight_smile:

Can you tell me about the design.

I will be pleased for your few words!

I Think Overal Typography and spacing needs to be improved.

http://www.moonthemes.com/phototheme/2016/03/12/cottage-snow/ in footer Xtra white space - looks like unfinished

I will fix the space between blog posts.
but the negative space you pointed in big images is not like that in theme.
and ya, i will fix the footer extra space.