What you think about this rejection?

Hi all,

some tips for my ultimate track rejected? The mood of track is intentionally sad, the track is maybe too simple, I would like some advice, thanks some much!


Too bright “accents” “Velocity” in the melody of the right hand. It did not give me to relax when listening.

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Thanks for the reply @EvgenM, and thank you for the advice… :wink:
for the rest, there are other things wrong? Thank you!

Hi RobertoFlora,

in addition to the remarks of EvgenM:

  • The first run of the progression (0:00-0:23) has a certain logic to it, everything fits and is somehow coherent. To me this is the case only during the first 2 chords of the 2nd run (0:23-0:36). The melodic intervals at 0:36-0:40 are way too audacious for my taste and I guess this might be the case for most commercial audiences! Furthermore, they kind of break the established logic of the melody before.

  • The strings sound quite static, I think they could use some velocity automation (look for orchestration tutorials on YouTube etc.) Although I’m no expert in that area, I guess you could use a legato patch then, which would improve the transitions (see next point; I think you’re using a crescendo patch at the moment).

  • The transitions between the notes of the string melody are often really sloppy, for example around 1:19.

  • Although octaved string lines are an established practice, I think they sound a bit too ‘monolithic’ in your composition. Sorry for this cryptic explanation :smile:


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Hi AudioCroissant,

thank you so much for the accurate observations, very kind!

I agree with you about the melodic intervals at 0.36-0.40, maybe these sound a bit in conflict with the piano accompaniment…

about the strings, I used a legato patch as for the accompaniment as for the melody, the high melody is played by the strings ensemble, the low octave line by the cello, anyway I understand the meaning about the transition between the notes and about the velocity automation, you’re welcome, thanks a lot! :smiley:

Glad I could help! Yeah I see now, no crescendo there :wink: The attack of your legato patch is very slow. I haven’t composed a piece with relatively fast legato lines (as yours) yet. Just out of curiosity, which library do you use? - I used IK Miroslav 1 on my very first track here at AJ, because I didn’t have a better or newer library at the time. I used the standard presets for the string groups (violins 1, 2, violas, celli - I think this is a better way than using any kind of ‘ensemble’ patches!) and they had a swelling effect by default, so I just played them without any automation, sounded good to me at the time. A few weeks ago I had a test run with Composer Cloud from EW and the strings performed very differently, for example Hollywood Strings (which are quite renowned): No swell at all, just plain volume over the whole length of the note. I guess these refined libraries are especially designed for use with modwheel velocity riding. - Didn’t extend my Composer Cloud subscription though because I didn’t get along with the sounds. Still looking for a nice string library.

I use Cinematic Strings and NI String Ensemble Symphony Essential, but with Cinematic Strings I have some problems because the libraries too heavy crash my DAW, anyway I try to use lite libraries versions if it’s possible… for the automation, I try to use the modulation to increase the presence of the sound, in a wrong way maybe, hihi…

I don’t understand the crash problem, because I bought a new laptop, hp pavillion, 16 GB Ram, intel core 7, Win 10…

It’s interesting the composer cloud from EW, I don’t test it! :slight_smile:

Listened to your track in the Studio. The cello can’t play vibrato without stopping entire batch. Pay attention to it.

Yes, I agree with you, but it’s not easy for me to control the articulation, I have a lot to learn! :slight_smile: