What you think about this piano track? :)

Hi there,

I uploaded a new piano track on AJ, could be accepted for you?
Thanks for the advices!


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Hello Roberto,

I enjoyed your track, I believe this composition is viable and it has a clear mood. :slight_smile:

Two words with respect to the audio, which may have problematic areas: 1) recording real instruments is amazing but the accompaniment sounds slightly ackward/muddy in your track. You might want to check your mics, I am not sure it can be fixed with Eq. 2) Your Celesta seems to be one tone up. 3) Ending chord at 1:54 might be smoother.

I hope it helps.

Best regards

Hi ! Very Atmosphere music, nice sound) I Think it nice classical music ))

Hi Magic,

Thank you so much for the comment, always very kind! :slight_smile:

I used in this track Fazioli piano, I tried to exalt hi frequency (pick at 2k and 5k Hz) and cut at -3 db the frequency at 150 Hz, low cut under 100 Hz… about Celesta, do you mean the volume is too high?

Yes, the ending could be better, I agree! :slight_smile:

Thanks my friend for the advises, always appreciated!


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Hi CeciliaRec, thank you so much, I appreciate a lot your words!

Good luck for your compositions! :smiley:

It’s amazing piano track!)
But you need some equing!)

Hi Roberto,

you are very welcome.

It’s a beautiful piano sound overall, the melody sounds very good. Nevertheless, the left hand sounds a bit ‘dark’, I understand that accompaniment is supposed to be quiet but it sounds a little bit strange…maybe it’s to do with microphone positioning? I can’t say for certain.

Concerning the Celesta, I might be wrong but it seems to me that (at 0:55) Piano is playing Eb, F, Ab, Eb, F, Ab, Eb whilst Celesta plays F, G, Bb, F, G, Bb, F…again, I might be wrong.

I wish you to get approved and have lots of sales! :smiley:

Best regards

Hi Magic,

I tried to change the microphone position, now the left hand sounds more clear, I hope so :slight_smile:

About Celesta, this played at the same picth of the melody, but in effect in the piano line there’s some overlap of second major interval, so it sounds strange maybe…

Thanks for your support, I wish you to sell a lot of your compositions, cheers! :smiley:

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Wow, thank you Infraction, very kind! :smiley:

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Hi Roberto,

my pleasure. :smiley:

I see you’ve done it on purpose, sorry for picking you on this!

Thanks for your wishes, I wish the same to you.

All the very best

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Beautiful melody by the way…it’s stuck into my head! :smiley:

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Wow, I’m very glad :blush:, thank you Magic!

This is the final version, I changed something in the ending and the equalization of mid and low frequencies, what you think?
There’s some little clip of background, but it is tipical of the piano…


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You are very welcome, Roberto.

It sounds good to me, wish you to get approved! Please keep us up to date if you wish to…

All the best :smiley:

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Thanks so much Magic,

I’ll tell you if the track will be approved, I hope! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, best wishes!!!

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Unfortunately, another rejection… Patience!

Thanks for your support, especially to @MagicStockSound! :smiley:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

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I like the composition, relaxing and atmospheric. But the sound feels unusual, it’s like you have phase distortion or something. That room sound to my ears very uncomfortable. Keep trying.



You’re welcome, Roberto. Sad hearing that you had another rejection. In my opinion, your track is valuable and it could be accepted with few amendments. I am optimistic about that.

Regarding the sound: recording real instruments always involves many factors (mics, mic positioning, room, phase issues etc…). It’s not simple to capture the actual sound of a Piano and I can’t give you advice on this because I never attempted to record a real one! I can only dream to play a Fazioli and I admire your will to use a real piano, nevertheless I strongly believe that your track could be easily accepted if you were using a sampled piano. You might find a good one for hundread Euros, you could then forget about tuning, phasing and muddy mids. I know, it’s a sacrilege to use a VSTi when you have a Fazioli but I think it might deliver.

Regarding your composition: I believe your track would pass through the reviewing process without that overlap of second major interval. I see you have done it on purpose, however I believe such harmonic choices could actually reduce the viability of your track (in the context of stock-library music). Finally, even if you have smoothened the ending, I would encourage you to keep it simpler: just end it on the rigth note or chord without any ornament.

Please bear in mind that’s only my opinion! I can understand if you disagree. And just in case that you decided to follow my advice, I hope it works!

I wish you the best of luck. :smiley:

All the very best

P.s. some useful advice on piano plug-ins was given in this topic: https://forums.envato.com/t/best-piano-plugin/75037/26

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Thanks so much Magic,

you’re really nice, always!

I’m not so rich for buy a Fazioli, I used a library for the piano sound, but probably is not right! :slight_smile:
Regarding the composition, is it true, I’ll try to search solutions more simple, I agree, maybe the choice of celesta, isn’t right…

Thanks also for the link, I’ll see now!!! :slight_smile:

Best wishes and great luck! :wink:

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Many thanks Rainy, very nice! :slight_smile:

Maybe second hand? :grimacing:

0K I’m a moron, I can’t tell a real piano from a sampled one. I swear that piano has little tuning issues, quite unusual for a plug-in…what is it?

You are very welcome, Roberto. Wish I could do more. Thanks for your wishes, same to you!

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