What you think about this Flower LOGO

i uploaded this logo and whats chance for APPROVING

good illustration, but u have no text and i think u cannot make it without a text and a good combination of fonts


this is normal … th text is not suitable , neither the colors , nor the typo which is really way too simple ;… especially for GR … plus every letter a color is really not a good idea, work on the typo and your item will be accepted :wink:

So logo is good. But i must find anodher font cooler font . In just one color ??

well, this is up to u to determine just that but in my view there’s no trouble with the illustration which is good, now according to me they cannot accept it due to their policy of having extreme importance to typo … in my view that doesn’t really make sense, even if i identify that this impacts the way your logo looks in the first place , as, let’s face it the typo is the element that people can easily change so that they “personify” a logo but u have to abide by laws here otherwise u are not going to have anything approved …

the last thing i wanted to comment is that , just in case u do just that and that’s not working, try to consider that maybe they regard your logo as being to close from Wacom’s one … i guess that may be an issue