What you think about my first theme?


Hi everyone, I am new on themeforest. I was made my first html template, and before I post it for review, I wish like to hear your opinion.

link: http://www.globalmedia.rs/voja/index.html

Thank you in advance.


Hi voja3005,

Welcome to envato family, your design is good, but very very simple. I think the design is not ready for ThemeForest. don’t hurry, you should take more time to learn about UI/UX in design.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Very generic design with weak typography. You really aren’t offering anything what wasn’t already done thousands of times and with better quality. As mentioned above, you need to improve your skills.


Ok, thank you for the answers.

  1. Get rid of the italic
  2. Body font - too much character spacing.
  3. White overlay on the gallery images are not quite intuitive.

Out of all, this theme doesn’t look new to my eyes. Try something outta the box, Im sure you have the capability to do it.