What you do with scammer customers?

I have been an envato Author for around 6 months now but sometime really bad things happen with some customers. mostly these cases:
1-They don’t have any knowledge on handling apps and they buy and ask for support a lot. like 200 and asking to teach every little thing. I always make myself to answer all of them but sometime they are asking same questions over and over again so i don’t no maybe get a refund and they could run away with their fixed code and hours of support teaching same thing.
2-They ask for a customization request and we don’t get on agreement and then they go and comment bad things if i don’t accept it which is normal because i can’t and don’t have the time to accept all customization requests.

There were two or three clients lately that did this and to get their refund or make me to do their customization they threaten or do comment bad and lies about apps. Envato support is very supportive and blocks some users but they take too long to take care of matter like 3-4 days which drops sales in meantime anyway. So how you treat your customers to have them happy always? even previously i had to do a 4 day customization for free so user stops doing comments and now he found the way and got back threatening me either do my customization or i would publish your code for free!

Well, I guess you just have to deal with it…

I have some similar cases as well. For example, one of my scripts id designed for PHP developers to license their applications and protect them against unauthorized installations, so I always thought only people with better than beginner PHP skills will buy it.

Surprisingly, some clients who ordered the script, didn’t even know how to upload files using FTP and had no idea what MySQL database is. Some other clients didn’t know how to customize their own code (to include license verification, which is actually a few lines of extra code if they need basic protection) and asked for assistance.

In other hand, I’m happy they are willing to learn, and I always do my best to provide all the assistance they need (even if it’s not related to item they purchased at all).

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Yes most of customers are very respectful and even if i do answer their questions they thank a lot and honestly i do want to help them. but curious thing was mostly people from poor countries like some middle east ones are the most problematic ones. i don’t know if anyone experienced this too. I’m not being racist it’s just an obvious statistical difference i’ve experienced.

If a customer is rating your item negatively for refusing to do customization work, you can always contact Envato Support and the rating will be revoked.

Any review, refund request, can be canceled or removed if the buyer is not following the Terms of Service, and every refund or rating is legitimate if you are not. Envato has your back in these case, both for you and the buyer.

99.9% of customers and authors are absolutely awesome, the 0.01% that are not will be handled by Envato Support.


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Thanks and yes you are right but the customer always can create new accounts as my today’s customer did this even though envato blocked his previous account and for envato support it takes a few days to answer tickets and take care of matter. at last i had to accept a very unfair refund only for user to stop commenting and he is and underaged (aged 15 actually) user who acts like his age and does this on my apps page. but in around 90 customers i had only two who were like this and others were very respectful and good ones.

Totally understand! In my career as a moderator I can count less than 5 instances where a buyer has turned out to be such a pain, in either case, report his comments and always notify Envato Support. Blackmail is not tolerated and is swiftly taken care of! Cheers!

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Hi there, u can answer them in public way. Real buyers can understand them. If you believe your work and its power, do not care the buyer who know nothing about tech. Good luck…

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Agreed with this as well! :smiley: If your work rocks, you can easily defend it or actually it will defend itself! :slight_smile:

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Now-a-days It is raising but its percentage is small though 99% Buyers are great. I would not like to say rest of buyer, those buyers are come from specific country. I wanted to show them what the envato rules are, discuss with them. If I can’t handle them at last, notify envato. React politely, Speak loudly. Good Luck!

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