What wrong with my project?


I submitted my first PowerPoint presentation on 30th Sep and got approved same day. At that time I got 1 sale only in 14 days from now. What is wrong with my presentation? Why buyers aren’t interesting my project? Should I need more improve this presentation?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


hi, for me this is too simple , to tell you honestly how i feel and i think that u have too many slides which are only made of text and that even when so your typo is not outstanding enough and thus this may not look attractive enough to read and for buyers to buy …


Thank you for your replied.

Any other advice?


Yes this is too simple, maybe you can improve fonts and change the color of paragraph font by grey 80% so it can more clean. space management is also important (padding, height, etc)

Good luck yes browsky


Thank you for your replied. Would it be better less adding text and more vector graphics?