What wrong with my item? Please help me! :(

What wrong with my item? Why my item haven’t show increased sales yet?

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@tmcom @charlie4282 @devotchkah Please any suggest or feedback. If you are a buyer what do you think about my item?

I am trying to my best and improve it in order to get more sales.

hey buddy , u have just had your item approved leave people a bit time to come and buy , not to mention that today is sunday … and that sales in the weekends are not huge … . Maybe u think that sales come out of nowhere and that they are massive right form the beginning, but let’s face it that’s not true for the great majority of us … your item is approved now, just promote it as well as u can and envato will do their job, u will do yours and people will come and buy …

Yes, nice work, and you obviously put a lot of effort into it, should only be a matter of time, before it coughs up?

And you have already got a sale for your other one? :sunglasses:

Sales here cannot be predicted, sometimes l get a sale on the first day, sometimes it takes a week, and on rare occasions it goes nuts.

One flyer took a week to get a sale, but a few months later it ended up making more sales than another one that got a sale on the first day, so patience!

Give it time!