What would you name this track?


Hey there. I’m having a really hard time finding a proper Genre and Name for this track idea.

I think it would have commercial value as a dark hero theme or a sober artsy montage sequence or some beginning/ending credits, but I actually have no idea what “Genre” it would be and what one would call something like this.

It’s not finished (At all) but it contains the main gist of it.

How would you name this if it was yours?
And I’m not talking about original, personal names, but the type of names that help you in the search algorithm.

Any ideas?
(also do you like the track idea? hehe )


Nice Idea.
For me it has an eastern ambient touch. Maybe in the ambient category?
And maybe just name it somtething like that.
The second start at 0:26 is a little distracting (the first cracks). But hey, who am I?
Good luck!


Thanks for the insight! Good idea!

At 0:26 do you mean that electronic buzzing transition effect before the 2nd section starts? If so, I’ll definitely tone it down or change it up. I really appreciate the constructive feedback!


Yes, those I meant.


Noted, I’ll fix it up! Thanks again!


Times of Change. Worlds Collide. Something like that could help suggest the combination of old and new styles on the track. I can’t think of anything just to describe it’s style or genre. :slight_smile:


Hey, that sounds nice!

I think it could fit the Cinematic section well :smile: It sounds like an inspiring theme for some character, so perhaps you could name it along those lines.

“Dark Hero Theme” as you mentioned earlier doesn’t sound bad, actually, if you ask me. It’s generic enough to grab people’s attention since that’s what I assume most would be looking for. :wink:


dark,cold,mystery,suspense,tech, and dramatic is what i can describe from your track it fits well for a zombie apocalyptic or vampire movie i guess, Great job.


It’s definitely a theme of some sort. Makes me think of something Contemplative as well. So something like Contemplative Theme or something like that. Anyway good work.


Needs some dubstep wubs


Thanks for all the replies. Very insightful! I think I’ll go with something like Dark Hero Theme… maybe? and add the other suggestions as tags!