What would you do if Envato was gone! ?

Hehe, kind of weird question… But seriously what would you do?
Coders,Music Composers, Motion and Graphics Artists etc

We will continue with our life :slight_smile: Envato is not everything


I dont know actually. But I think I would start doing freelancer jobs.

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Continue my life and find another opportunity to keep doing music for life :stuck_out_tongue:

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Start releasing my avant garde poems and see if they catch on.


I would weep like a small child.


+1 :disappointed_relieved:

A bad news :cry:, but life must go on… try to find another Envato

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Actually… I’d change my name to Ben and then set up benvato.com


The market (buyers) would still be there and after a short transition period the business would go to the top competitors. Simple as that.

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Change my name to Tom and start Envatom.com


benvato.com greate:grinning: Then I will be the first user of your site

If you’re asking this question with any anxiety about your future, you definitely need to diversify.

Create new Envato. :slight_smile: I would raise website commision to 80% and give authors 20%-tax. :slight_smile:

We all know that a thing start today will be finish one day. that may be 100 years or 1 day and Envato will be follow that nature rule but life and time never stop for anything so we should not stop we must look for a new place to do something new and batter.

I would buy Gogoro Smartscooter like this graphic designer did and drive like mad :)) https://dailyhover.com/milestone-10000th-gogoro-electric-smartscooter-sold-in-taipei

What!? You should never say like that! :grinning:

Good news, your domain name is available! benvato.com :smile:

would have my own market place like Envato :smile:

I would cry for a week and then would open my own AJ :slight_smile: