What would be the best theme to achieve this?

Yup, sorry for the tagline, cheesy I know, but hey, you are here right?

Right, to the point then, I’m building my company webiste, and I’ve found this thing here :


Exactly that ‘about’ page that I’m after, main is boring.

My question is does anybody knows a theme I could utilise to achieve similar effect?
I was browsing many, many looks promising, but I just decided rather to ask before I purchase anything than run away with tail between my legs later on.

Any suggestions welcome
Thank you

I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would change the title of this thread, for professionalism’s sake :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate :wink:

For sake of that I won’t change the title, no hard feelings mate :wink:

I’m really after something like that one mentioned above, but hey, lets have some fun in between :wink:

Aww! Now is boring, well, thank you anyway, lesson taken :wink: