What will you do this holiday season? And what will you do this January?

Hi guys! It’s the holiday season now. The sales are dropping, traffics are dropping. I suspect some of us also use this time to take a break.

This is just a chit-chat topic. What are you going to do this holiday season?

And after that, in January, what will you do or you just expect sales to increase again?

P.s our team are doing a challenge of running at 6am everyday until 5th January. It’s a very interesting thing to do :slight_smile:

I’m doing a challenge of walking at 10am… to the back garden for a cigarette. Quite an improvement over the normal time of 11am, I’m sure you’ll agree?!

Although I am considering joining a gym. Lose a bit of the rapidly approaching middle-age spread and get myself back into shape. My legs are toned and lithe like some kind of model due to quite a bit of walking, it;s just the beer belly I need to take care of… and the moobs!

But yes, I plan to do more work in 2017. One day a week is great and all, but if I’m going to make it to Elite before 2017 is out then I need to step up my game. Going to buy a PS4 next month as well. Sounds like an excuse to lounge around the house gaming all day, which it is, but if I have something exciting to do in the evenings then it’s less likely I’ll just head out to the pub for a dozen beers. So I’ll save money and be less hungover… which should result in better health and more productivity.

Aiming to advance to a 6am run by 2022 though. Small steps…