What will be with stock music market?

What will happen with stock music market in the coming year? Will it grow? Will the increasing competition and new authors affect the earnings of each individual author? Is it real today to grow to an elite author?

Who knows? Every day this market gets tougher, while the royalty-free music industry grows year by year thanks to the increase of worldwide people connected to the Internet, the competition for a piece of this pie also grows.

Now is usually not enough to be good, you have to aim to be the best. And not only creating the music, but knowing how to do the marketing, how to strategize your growth and how to invest the money you earn.

I think no matter what, it is always possible to become elite author here, but the thing is, it can take much more time today than before. We registered on AJ more than one year ago with this same goal and we’re sharing everything that has been happening to us here, if you’re interested.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Who knows…it’s a very strange world here :slight_smile: in one year I saw the growing restrictions, since the market looks saturated…with exponential growth in rejections and sales drop, because of the amount of competition.

What I see is that is REALLY HARD to build a consistent portfolio in AJ at first, it takes forever…and after that…marketing and strategy needed…for me personally (I work alone) it’s not worth it as a main job, absolutely not…I try only for extra money…I could not keep up with everything here, no time at all :smiley:

Of course anything could happen…it’s just more likely that I will be very tough to reach certain levels.
I’ve tried other libraries…well…sales are very poor, if none.
I wish you the best!!