What we expect when we buy big sound packs? Customer expectation discussion. Please join!

Hello community!
I am in search of a path for big sound pack creation. As I am not involved in other projects except sound design, there is a feeling that I could offer better sound packs if I could know what you - customers expect to find when searching for big collection of new sound effects.
There are many ways how sounds could be grouped within a sound pack and I am talking about maximal 50 sound version as it is most bargain offer available on our market.
So the pack could consist of 50 sounds with identical concept. (ex. 50 Reward Sounds)
Or could contain 5 groups with 10 sounds (ex. 10 Jump , 10 Fall, 10 Hit, 10 Shots 10 GUI)
Or it could be something like (ex. 2 A, 3 B, 5 C,1 D, 2 E 7F …)
What you prefer ?
Also my vision now is limited to game sounds and cartoon effects.
Which are others areas ?

Please feel free to share your preferences and experiences here for authors consideration in order to bring best value with less expenses.
Thank you for attention!