What was your favourite verb in 2017?

Convolution and/or algorithmic?

What were your go to verbs in 2017? Asking because I haven’t been super happy with any of mine and always love to hear what you guys are using!

For me: Verbsuite Classics Slate Bundle was my go to convolution and probably RC48 for algorithmic, both of which I’ve grown tired of.

Honorable mention: Soundtoys Little Plate!

My favourite verb is run. It’s fast and fun and people do it as a sporting activity.

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that’s a great one really, but I find I usually have the pre-delay set so high that it never happens!

False starts always disqualifies a user.

2 fuuuuuk was my favourite verb!!! :smiley:
PS: forgot abt being fuuuuked… that was the 2nd! :wink:

I like an unusual but very cool reverb: Toraverb from D16. It should be used as a spice - a small pinch can greatly transform the taste of the composition. What I use daily? Valhalla, H-Reverb, Fab-R & Space Designer (from Logic X).

I am using nearly exclusively Valhalla Vintage Verb and love it.
Also, the “was-a-freebie” Soundtoys Little Plate is really nice.