what was wrong with my project Hard rejection?

is there any one explain my problem not clear markup or design problem

Loja 360

Hi @framwebpixel, and welcome!

My first thought when checking out the theme was that there’s too much animation, and most of it seems unnecessary. When you have this much animation it always seems spammy, like everything is trying to grab your attention at once and be as flashy as possible. Animation can be great, but when used tastefully and sparingly. When you do use animations that load in as you scroll, they should only do so the first time the page is loaded, otherwise, it’s kind of annoying when you’re scrolling through a page and everything is constantly moving around.

As soon as I start scrolling down, the page kinda pops and boxes quickly jump around. This seems a little janky and like it shouldn’t be happening.

Text isn’t properly aligned in the buttons, and the buttons themselves look strange to me with one side being flat and the other on an angle. Not all the buttons share the same angle either.

The dropdown boxes slightly overlap the navbar. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but it looks like a mistake to me.

The artwork that you’re using throughout the site doesn’t look professionally made. Maybe it’s just not my taste, but there are also some clear mistakes in them where you can see the background through parts that don’t connect properly. Even though the customer is expected to replace the imagery with their own, they’re still part of the demo that you’re using to help sell the theme, so they, along with everything else should be held at a high standard.

Hope this helps give you an idea of what you can improve in future projects!

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