What was the reason for the rejection?

@n2n44 … I don’t know what is the reason they rejected this. https://drops.meetanshi.com/6G44CZ

and this 4.jpg - Droplr – it’s submitted and worked same way that my other same type of item approved…

please let me know sir… what I have done wrong…

hi well if u ask me there is nothing to do between these two items … one is rather cool, the other one is really miles away from current standards and definitely did not have the ghost of a chance to actually make it for sale, this is the bottomline … so let’s get started

if u ask me, what u have at this stage is really tasteful , this looks clean, there is a thinking as far as the concept goes and all this is positive to say the least. Now, this , of course, does not mean that the item is absolutely perfect for that matter, perfection simply does not exist , no matter what , so there are some hints for u to improve this item to and to make it stick a bit more to the marketplace where u are submitting it. The fact of the matter is that with logos u have really two types of things. The first one is custom logo and the other one is logo template and the expectation, goals, style and so on may differ quite substantially indeed. Here the little problem that I see is that your logo is rather detailed , which is not 100% compatible with templates and a marketplace thing. What u can do for a customer , providing him with a customized logo, is different from what u are expected to give a buyer to buy. There is really a necessity to match more people , to reach them more broadly and respecting the “rules” of the marketplace. Let’s face it, people here tend to consider logos in a small size and authors are being asked to give a one color version and both these requirements get u somehow a bit into trouble as details tend to make a logo look more bulky and less refined when considered in small size. Then, the one color version definitely simplifies your item and makes it flatter than it was in the first place and this may decrease the commercial potential that people may see into this product indeed. This is for the main issues. For sideway ones, which does not mean that they are not important at all , all the same and details do not count, there a lack of contrast in most of your previews so that your work is not valued, does not spring out and the preview file is not selling as expected in the end … I assume that this is not superfluous to remind u off the fact that a preview file is sort of an interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyers in the other one. This has to be selling and convincing and emphasize the work u have done. The good thing is that u have a rather cool base to work with and I rather like what u have to be honest

I am sorry but this is a really different story when it comes to the card that u have here … if u ask me, there is so much to say that I am not even getting to know where to start with , so I tend to believe that this is better to tell u the ugly truth and let u know that really u are absolutely miles away from possibly having such a card accepted here for a good deal of variety of reasons. I will start enumerating things now …
1- global style
I am sorry to tell u just this , do not take this personally, ok? but there is absolutely nothing out there … there is close to , I even no graphic design, I might add , at this stage … this takes me to the second point indeed , pls see …
2- low commercial potential
indeed, this is still an understatement to be perfectly honest with u … I believe that no one would ever and I really mean ever by such an item, in my opinion. As a matter of fact for buyers to buy an item they have to either identify that they will save some time out of buying to that they will be able to have some item offering a graphic design way beyond their personal knowledge , capacity and skills … Here u have no one of these and this legitimately leading me to the conclusion that people would rather opt for saving money and redoing the item instead of buying it indeed , even if they liked it, what looks very unlikely , according to me … Part of the issue is that this would not take real skills or significant time to be able to reproduce the item so why buying and thus why accepting the file in the first place? I do not want to disparage what u have but I do not think that it would take over 5 minutes for this item to be redone and as long as a person knows how design tools are working … and look, think about it from the buyer’s perspetive for a second pls? would u buy such an item? I guess that the obvious answer is “no, no way”. I can imagine how disappointing the thing would be to buy this and see how very little things there are in the main zip file, so that I consider that this is almost better for u , in the longer run , that such an item could make it for sale , this is antinomic with having a “quality portfolio” to have something like this included to your items for sale … pls, once again do not get me wrong, I tell this for your own good and so that u can gauge how much effort u have to put into what u do so that u can be successful with creating such items and potentially also take your game to the next level out of understanding that u really need to push the envelope graphic design wise to make it here , overall
3- lack of concept
let’s say things straight , the marketplace has evolved dramatically ever since it was created and this is not 2009 any longer. The direct consequences of this is that the way people produce and the way the marketplace is working are not the same as in the past. nowadays , this is very unlikely to have a successful item out of offering something very “generic” fitting all people … now this is really way ore efficient to strike a niche and target your purchasing base properly so that they know that u are addressing them with your item and that they can acknowledge it in the end …
4- “z-shape reading”
I am not sure that u have ever heard of this , but , judging by what I see here , I guess u did not … so let me explain as briefly as possible , If u do not mind. This term is , I guess not the official English one (I am not English native), but it does not really matter as this the main thing for u to do is to figure out the thing works indeed. “z-shape reading” basically describes the way the eyes are sweeping across any document in order to read it and defines the main “impact zones” where u are supposed to place elements so that they have the best / maximum exposure ultimately. So here is how it goes … the eyes sweeps across the document this way looking for information, from top left corner to top right , then in a slanted way until bottom left corner to finally end up in the bottom right corner. What u have to know or deceit from this is that top left corner and bottom right corner are major places where to put things to be valued … the one left that I did not refer to turns out to be in the very center of the canvas , this is both an impact zone and focus area indeed. I guess that with this explanation , u can see me what I want to say by this … pls see next point
5- disposition of elements
this is not in the right order , zero of the impact zones turn out to have something in it … all your texts are positioned completely the other way around and this brings the product to be pretty inefficient in the end … the problem is that this is required to be , pls see next point
6- expected cleanliness and efficiency
as a corporate item in the first place as a template in addition, the very minimum requirement for u to expect to make it for sale with this type of item is that u handle everything properly so that your work looks clean an attractive to companies. the issue is that if u fail to handle a good deal of things, there is no way fro u to do just this in the end … the global organization of the card is not good, and there are a variety of other issues that I will refer to later on this comment indeed, so let’s keep rolling so to speak …
7- logo
indeed, u have nothing as far as logo goes … this is a wrong thing to do in the first place as this makes the product look like not being well thought of , and to another extent , not being professional enough , in the process, too. besides , introducing a logo in a context where there is not very little grapphic design, would be more than welcome , in my view, as this would help to generate some relief, as well , when this is very sadly lacking a lot right now … However , needless to say that this would be better to invest some time to create a decent professional looking logo that will actually take the preview to the next level rather than just adding some flat additional text that will be of no help whatsoever to make the item look better than it is …
8- typo
I understand that a lot of authors do not really realize how much this part is an essential one here … this is a main focus and much effort will be required from u about it so that u can offer something in keeping with GR standards. At this stage, pls , once again do not take this personally but u just added texts , a bit like in a word file … here this is seething really different that people will ask to provide them with … this a real typo , not blocks of texts … introducing some variations, some font combinations and possibly some touches of originality will help u not only to comply with current standards are expectations, but also to generate some relief in the meanwhile so that the texts and the design of the card look more outstanding, look more attractive to people supposed to buy it and so on and so forth … while, at the moment , u have just been “compiling lines of text”. U have to catch people’s attention, give them the feeling of reading what is written , these sort of things and this must transpire from the typo. besides , same goes with hierarchy of information … pls see next point …
9- hierarchy of information
one of the major issue u have is that there is all the text making a block and failing to make people to understand at first glance was is an important info and what is a secondary one. There are a variety of ways to do so … size, boldness, variations, font changes , colors, introducing a bullet to emphasize a part of the information, whatever …
10- coherence and color guideline
sorry but u have to consider something else when it comes to color, this is homogeneity and coherence. At this time, u have a black color for the text that is basically coming out of the blue , that finds no echo whatsoever anywhere else and this is rather likely to break the harmony and homogeneity rather than anything else
11- “b-side”
here is what I usually think about with a lot of business cards and in particular with rejected ones that I comment … I am wandering what is the point of having too sides when one is so very empty and basically just amounting to “abide by a supposed requirement” to have two sides …I have been working in small design agency for a very very long time now and all I can tell u is that a lot people simply do not any need to have two sides and just to print only for cost saving matters by the way, especially if they do not anything spectacular to provide their customers with … ok if u are a Nba franchise or some video game company , u have a great logo, very impressive visually , u can consider having two side and having the logo left alone but in many cases, this is not so true and this is not so required … with what u have under your sleeve as we are dealing with it, there is certainly nothing justifying to have a b-side, needless to say
12- preview file
I guess that would be welcome for u to consider using an appropriate mockup for u to value your work and item … I mean in this context this maybe rather a good choice to use this one as your card is very “graphic design free” right now but having multiple cards being scenerized like this is just decreasing the attention , the exposure and impact that wil be given to the card and the design u have created and in terms of branding and other things, this makes very little sense to say the least. I guess u understand what I mean, right?
13- positive point
so to speak there is a slightly positive point to what u have here all the same … this is that u did not really mess with any basic design principle , which is rather scarcely happening in most of cases, as lots of people in town actually have this type of very lethal errors , your problem is more likely to be one of a multiplication of all sorts of things not being handled properly at the moment