What type of theme for trapping service?

Hello! Newbie here! So I do a lot of volunteer and paid trapping of cats needing to be spayed/neutered, sick/injured and the hard to trap. I cant figure out what type of theme to start with…there really isnt anything even close to what I’m looking for unfortunately. I almost want an appointment booking feature where customers can get specific about how many cats they need trapped ages, kittens, friendly or feral, sick or injured…I’m sure that will have to be a custom form but in general any ideas what theme type to start with?
Thanks in advance!

You want that people pay immediately when they order your service or…?
You will not find template made just for trapping service. You can search on veterinarian templates.

No not pay immediately, that’s not necessary. I dont think a veterinary theme would work it would have to be something for a single service with options if there is such a thing!
Thanks for replying!

Hi there,

I guess this theme would easily fit your needs, it is quite specific:

Their themes are so easy to use. and very practical.

For appointment booking feature - WOW, it is included in the theme (see online documentation of the theme here)

With this appointment booking system you can build as many booking tables as you want, it is very flexible and you can add as many custom fields as you want.

I hope it helps, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I guess this theme and this plugin cover all your needs you described.

reason of updating my post:
The appointment booking is included in their theme as per the online documentation.