What type of license to use a track as an anthem?

Hi everyone!
Someone asked me about the specific license required to use one of my tracks as an anthem for his political party. This means it will be used in all their promotional activities, marketing campaigns, videos, events etc.

I informed him that Audiojungle licenses allow only a single application, so he needs to buy a new license for every new and different marketing campaign.

I also suggested that we can discuss an exclusive license where he can use the track in every circumstance without limitation. This implies that I remove the track from the market.
However, I’m not sure how exclusive licenses can be made and what is the average price.
Also, my music is in identifyy/HAAWK so he might get copyright claims that should be cleared with a license.

Can you suggest what is the best way to deal with this situation?
and for anyone who has experience with exclusive licenses. What is the process?


Check with Envato Author Support

For what it’s worth - even if you were to remove the item from the marketplace, a) that would require a huge cost to the client, and b) you wouldn’t be able to stop people who have already licensed the track from it.

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