what type of file do we get ?

i wanted to know what type of files do we get on downloading a video template after subscription ?

was looking out for a video from real estate section. So pics in that can be changed into my project photos ?

Hi, in general you get to download project files which can come in many different formats. Each different software has it’s own specific file format for it. Each project page lists what kind of program you need to open the project.

So just make sure that before you download the project that you’ll have the right software to open it. In same cases you can find the same project being available for a few different software versions by visiting the projects authors profile. So this could be helpful if you don’t have one program but have other and would still like to use the same project.

And yes if you see any photos or videos in a project, these almost always can be replaced. But always read the project description just to be sure on what can be changed or not.