What to download for more sites with the same theme?

I’m going to build several websites with the same theme (Enfold). For each site I’m going to buy a license. Now I’m wondering if I can build all the sites with the same download of the theme or should I download the whole theme for each site or is it enough to download only the licences. In other words: can I download the whole theme for the first site and for the other sites only the licences and use the download from the first site.

Once you purchase the theme(s), you will be able to download a compressed .zip file. You can indeed re-use the same downloaded file for multiple installations; the only thing you need to change per site is the license key.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply! That’s what I hoped it would work :slight_smile:

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Hi @Ingehedda

After purchasing the Theme you can buy only License for each site. and you can use the same theme as you have download from your Dashboard=>Download tab.

If you have any query about license then you can Contact Support


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