What to do with a HTML template

Earlier I tried to transform one into a Wordpress theme but after some struggling, I saw that it was in Bootstrap 4 alpha version after which I stopped. At last Bootstrap 4 beta version is released so that I can restart the works but now I wonder what exactly HTML templates are good for. I suppose you can also use them as a front page with links to your blog, gallery.

Can anyone affirm me if it is enough to know how to make a link? Or don’t you know an exciting discussion thread about HTML templates?

You can use them for all sorts of things - the main difference is that (as standard without modification) they are not a CMS like WordPress and therefore not dynamic.

If people are happy to work with code rather than an content managed editor, and they are happy to input/update pages, links, posts etc. Manually then there not a huge amount of difference.

Also did my other HTML templates are much quicker than most WP themes or other CMS


If you want create an HTML template and then convert it to WordPress the best solution is http://wordpress.framework-y.com/.

It’s the only of this type on the market. You have both the HTML template and the WordPress version.


So after you completed the HTML template you just need to insert the content and the .css file of design into WordPress.