What this Envato for Is it solution or just an Issue

I have purchased theme years back, I do receive updates too, but when i am trying to update or understand what all this about I never was able to use it, and till date years back do not understand what this envato is for ? what its do, how its works, and even if you try to find something I am not able to understand, update a theme asking to log in I will do, but I do not see anything for my account, now my theme asking for update on registration how its working I have no Idea, my dashboard telling one thing such that never exist in envato, not only this I am getting upset as my web kind all depend on them when i am not really understand why, I purchased my theme, i assume its kind of theme market. I installed, why my theme do not properly function without envato. and here never reasonable support, you cant chat with person, how this all works ?? here never transparency, I personally do not like to even to deal or come to envato, as its a dark forest of unclarity and nothing clear to me to understand the purpose. I do not want this envato to deal or to have access to my dashboard as instructions that you get only create more issues, unclarity than solutions like this
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there bunch offered but non really that you need, and do you really need, update your theme… you get to the link and there nothing to update… total waste of time