what theme would I need to create a site like this one?




so why does the code have http://www.walkchurch.com/wp-content/themes/walk/wpbakery/js_composer/

it looks like the them is “walk” not “'salient”


i really appreciate your help! I did see “salient” in the code, but not as a theme. I don’t understand.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


They just renamed it


Clue me in to how you know this. What am I missing?


Why not you try my theme Deeds If you will like to add some more elements i will do customization for you. I have designers and coders under one roof. It will be very easy to build up such project. [Removed]


Check the style.css file for the details


I also want to try it on Quotes Related Website but I am Quite Poor in Designing. Can Anyone Give me the Place where Can I Find Guidance for Designing ?